Fashion House First for Flybox Founder

One of the UK’s leading fly-tying material brands, Flybox, was caught off guard last week, when a request for a selection of their innovative products arrived from internationally renowned fashion house, Chanel.

The Perth based company is normally the discerning choice of the world’s leading anglers and fly-tying enthusiasts. Flybox’s managing director, Ian Christie, is used to responding to orders from around the world for his fashionable range of synthetics, tinsels and natural materials, most of which are used in the tying of salmon and trout flies.

But, proving that fly-fishing may be gaining serious ground in the fashion stakes, Ian’s latest order for High Definition Hotspot and Holographic Vinyl, normally used for fashioning fly cheeks, wings and bodies, will now go on to be used in a film to promote the Chanel’s Autumn/Winter range of running shoes.

Ian Christie commented:

“At first I thought I was hearing things – it’s not every day you get a call from Chanel asking for fly fishing products! I may have asked them to repeat their request because I was so taken aback. But, we had exactly what they needed, and we were able to despatch it to them in the timescales they needed so I was glad to be of assistance.

“I was curious what they would be using the vinyl for – they had ordered such a large quantity of it, so I asked. Apparently it will feature in a promotional video for their running shoes – I can’t wait to see the finished product. Let’s hope that together they are a runway success!”

Flybox is one of the UK’s leading fly-tying material brands, exporting across the world. In the same way Chanel revolutionised fashion, Flybox has revolutionised the fly tying world’s material offering, developing cutting edge technical synthetics and a full spectrum of colourful choices for those engaging in the art and sport.

Perhaps fittingly, Coco Chanel started her career in fashion as a milliner and would have been perfectly au fait with the types of materials sold by Flybox, many of which will also be used by modern milliners, as well as fly-tyers.

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